Before We, i was Me.

Now, W E is no longer We,

and i can never be Me


i saw You in the periphery                         of my dream: You exuded life.

You burned life into

my soul; breathed life in my


For a moment, W E returned to We.

i became Me.

You, why do you lurk                                  in the shadows of my dreams?

Awake, you are dead.

Asleep, you live.

I owe You My life.

Each night, I sleep like the dead      in hopes that W E will be We again.


how to love a loveless girl

love, she whispered
love, i replied.
she hid from me
for so long that i
had almost forgotten her face.

don’t look, she begged
i won’t, i lied.
she stood;
her hair danced across her back,
and, inside, i died.

i can’t, she cried
then don’t, i sighed.
she laid next to me; her skin on mine.
i turned to look her in the eyes,
but her heart chose to hide.

why, she breathed
because, i replied.
i held her cold, reluctant hand in mine
and tried to warm her.

stop, she yelled
i will, i lied.
i held her closer and kissed her hair.
i told her i loved her and exhaled.

no, she cried
yes, i sighed.
she tried to push me away, but
i held her tighter.
i kissed her again and rested
my head against hers.

love, i promised
love, she sighed.

Each morning I rise

Each morning, I rise.
I cannot shake, break,   separate
From me.
You stare back, unapologetic:

Placid, Smooth.

Many have drowned in your deceptive depths.
Seductive siren songs of insults
Lure many who seek confirmation of their faults.

I am no different.

I gaze.                   You swallow.

I die a death worth living for

And, your pool, it gets a little deeper.