Before We, i was Me.

Now, W E is no longer We,

and i can never be Me


i saw You in the periphery                         of my dream: You exuded life.

You burned life into

my soul; breathed life in my


For a moment, W E returned to We.

i became Me.

You, why do you lurk                                  in the shadows of my dreams?

Awake, you are dead.

Asleep, you live.

I owe You My life.

Each night, I sleep like the dead      in hopes that W E will be We again.


how to love a loveless girl

love, she whispered
love, i replied.
she hid from me
for so long that i
had almost forgotten her face.

don’t look, she begged
i won’t, i lied.
she stood;
her hair danced across her back,
and, inside, i died.

i can’t, she cried
then don’t, i sighed.
she laid next to me; her skin on mine.
i turned to look her in the eyes,
but her heart chose to hide.

why, she breathed
because, i replied.
i held her cold, reluctant hand in mine
and tried to warm her.

stop, she yelled
i will, i lied.
i held her closer and kissed her hair.
i told her i loved her and exhaled.

no, she cried
yes, i sighed.
she tried to push me away, but
i held her tighter.
i kissed her again and rested
my head against hers.

love, i promised
love, she sighed.

Lover’s Notes

Part I

touch me:
lightly let your fingers linger over
every hollow and
slip slowly into the softest parts
of me.
press your lips to mine and
let me swim to you.
here, we will find rest.

Part II

pin-pointed starlight illuminates the darkness,
and Little Death beckons your soul to dance.
tip-toeing, i follow.
dressed in shadows, I see you waltz
Little Death closer to each star.
with every step, the shadows lighten
until you arrive within me, and
i am naked, bathed in light.

Part III

as the sun illuminates the moon,
you shine and i glow.
reaching within my chest, i hand you my heart,
“there’s not much left.”
“but, it is enough,” you mend the darkened pieces
with the brightest parts of your own.

i no longer fear the night: your fingertips guide me.
this heart brightens the stars, and
bathes me light.